Stand Up For The Ones Who Can 't Essay

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Stand Up for the Ones Who Can’t
Cassandra Clare, a renowned American author, once declared, “Everyone has choices to make; no one has the right to take those choices away from us. Not even out of love.” In North America, individual choices often win over collective choices. Generally, people suppose that they have the right to make their very own decisions by following their personal core values. Since values are deeply held beliefs, individuals strongly wish to honour their principles, even over death. As the majority of people view death as a horrible moment brimmed with suffering, some citizens wish to have the right to control it. However, what they don’t think of is that allowing such an act could quickly plunge society into a living nightmare. Therefore, euthanasia undoubtedly shouldn’t be legalized, since it has negative effects on the entire society and puts pressure on the most vulnerable people.
Some people may tell you that every single person should have the right to end their lives because the respect of personal decisions and autonomy are the priority. Sir Patrick Stewart, the Dignity in Dying patron, declared that if we don’t have control on our birth, we should at least have a certain control on our death. However, that argument doesn’t make sense at all. The real debate is about whether or not we should bestow the right to someone to assist another one to die. Assisted suicide may give a certain freedom to the patients, but it mostly confers a legal power…

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