Stand For Abortion Essay

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Stand on Abortion
Abortion has become a headline topic over different sources of media. There is the pro-choice side where the belief is that the mother has the choice to abort her pregnancy. Then there is the other side, pro-life, meaning the belief is that if the mother is pregnant she cannot terminate the pregnancy. Lastly, there is an undecided person who has not picked a side. I am pro-choice, but I do have “standards” that I have towards my pro-choice belief. I believe that if there is a factor that contributes to the mother’s or child’s health, then yes an abortion should be allowed. These include severe health conditions or death to either the child, the mother, or both during pregnancy. Also, if there is a case of rape or molestation, the mother should not be forced to give birth to that child. I do draw a line, though. I draw the line of pro-choice at it is not a form of birth control. If a woman is knowingly having unprotected sex and then decides she does not want the child, that is irresponsible on the mother’s part to not be proactive on her sexual encounters. Also, I find it irresponsible for a mother to do an abortion at the time when a baby is able to survive out of the womb. If it has taken the mother longer than three months
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I plan on working in a children’s hospital in the physical therapy department. I will be working with all ages from newborn to 18 years old. I will hear about abortions, work with children in foster care/orphanage, help patients will all types of conditions, but even though I am strong in my opinion it will not be something that will affect my treatment for these patients. I am not saying that it wouldn’t be hard to hear some of the horror stories while working in the children’s hospitals, but I am one who will not push my views on anyone else. I can be a supportive shoulder for either side of the debate, but it will not change the way I view

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