Stamp Act 1765

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The year was 1765. The Stamp Act had just been passed, and the colonists were not pleased with it. They openly protested, refusing to buy stamps for their paper documents. This family lived in Boston, where some of the most famous protests took place.
“Mother, why are all our neighbors complaining about stamps?” asked Ansel.
“Great Britain has placed a tax on us, called the Stamp Act of 1765. It makes all people have to have a certain stamp from the British on all of their papers.” explained Mother.
“How come Father doesn’t have stamps on his papers?”
“Because he is openly boycotting the Stamp Act.”
“Father, why do you not like this tax?”
“This tax is violating our rights. It says in the English Bill of Rights that we are to be represented
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Why, you might even get arrested!” exclaims Fanny.
“Sister, why are you so passionate about these things?”
“Because I wish my country to be free of any taxes not decided on by our own legislatures.” reiterated Fanny.
The next day was quite chaotic. The Sons of Liberty, a secret society established to protest the taxes put on colonists, had made an effigy of the tax collector, and burned him in front of the tax collector’s house. People came to their house in Boston wondering what they should do to protest the Stamp Act. Mother told them to just ignore the stamp, and to boycott all british goods.
“I believe that the Sons of Liberty have gone to far, with the uses of violence. I do not encourage these acts of violence against the British,” declared Father.
“I agree with you to some extent, but we may need to use violence for the British crown to realize that we want the Stamp Act repealed,” Mother countered.
“Why is it such a big deal that we are being taxed by Parliament?” inquired Ansel.
“We are not upset about the tax itself, it is of little value, but of the fact that we are being taxed without representation. That in itself is what upsets the majority of the population,” explained

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