Essay about Stalking Is Not A Crime

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Stalking is not a crime to take lightly. It is a new problem among mainly woman today. The book Courting Disaster discusses and analyzes woman who have been victims of stalking by previous men they were intimate with. It analyzes different types of stalking and how women can define themselves as a victim and make themselves believable as a real victim. Though there are different stages of stalking and many examples of stalking given throughout the book, it is hard for women to make the criminal justice system believe they are actual victims of stalking (Dunn, 2002).

To begin, “Crimes such as stalking are a process that occurs among people who have histories with each other and who have multifaceted, variable, and volatile relationships” (Dunn, 2002, p. 185). “There are processual, structured, gendered, and relational aspects of stalking victimization” (Dunn, 2002, p. 2). There are also many stalking instances discussed throughout the book. There was a case where a victim’s boyfriend became obsessive when she tried to break up with him. He told her he would never let her leave her house because he would wait on her street for her. He continued to call her and threatened to show up to her house unannounced. He became verbally abusive to her. Another instance the victim’s boyfriend assaulted the women’s family member. Many of the stories discussed were of verbal abuse or violent encounters. There were a lot of threats made by the stalker to the victim. The women would…

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