Stakeholders Essay

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In this assignment I will be talking about two different businesses, Holly Lodge Girls’ College and McDonalds, and stakeholders involved with them and how they influence the businesses.
Holly Lodge provides education to its customers, and some of their aims and objectives are being committed to academic progress and supporting students to the best they can be, and prepare them to be responsible citizens with a shared set of values and sense of community as well as compassion and responsibility etc.
For McDonald’s they have many aims and objectives such as they’re committed to providing quality food quickly that their customers can trust with the best possible service, showing clear career paths to their
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For example, they know the length of time the school should run for, and what the customers want out of the school in terms of academic and social learning so incorporate this into their aims and objectives.
Customers for McDonald’s trust the business and want good quality and healthier food from them as healthy eating has become more prominent in our day to day lives, but also want it quickly to keep up with their busy schedules; and they also want good service that delivers their food and drink i.e. polite and friendly employees rather than bored and rude ones. This has led to the influence of McDonald’s changing their menu or adapting it to provide high quality and healthier food, and investing £43million in training the staff and development of the business such as upgrading the work places and the menus so they meet their aims and objectives that provide their customers with the products and services they want from them.
If either business doesn’t provide what their customers want or fails as a business, the customers will just change school or fast food restaurant without losing out on much as they’re an external stakeholder so won’t be affected on a day to day basis if anything happens to the business; but they business could lose a lot of money from this as customers are their main source of income either per transaction for McDonalds or per capita for Holly

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