Stakeholders In Healthcare Case Study

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Name and provide a brief overview of the stakeholder organization. Identify and describe the key health care issue the stakeholder is influencing, who is being represented by the stakeholder, the desired impact of the stakeholder on the issue and what the stakeholder’s members or constituents stand to gain if the desired outcome is achieved.
Stakeholders are very integral part of any healthcare organization. The stakeholders are basically the group of people or individuals who have interests in the decision making and actions of the organization and they too get affected by the actions of an organization. The stakeholders can be either the directors, investors etc. The stakeholder organization which I choose for this case study is American
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This issue directly impacts the organization, as if the patient face any issue due to the medication error it is more likely to take an action against organization which may defame the image of an organization. There is an intense need to implement various checks in the healthcare system so to prevent any type of medication errors. If the organization gets a success in eliminating medication errors, it may receive a huge appreciation, trust for quality from peoples who are taking services as well as government, About AAHAM.

Identify and explain the stakeholder organization perspective: Payer (insurers, government payers, and employers); Provider (entities and individuals providing services in the health care system); Patient (consumers); or Producer (a product developer) could also be examined in this assignment.
Payer (insurers, government payers, and employers) - Employers and government payers are happy and are highly positive towards the work. They may also get enormous benefits if the organization works efficiently. The most important benefit is that they would get access to affordable insurance and hence the reforms will benefit them as well as their family. But as the saying goes with authority, power comes responsibility therefore there would be some amount of burden but that’s okay to go as the company compensates it highly while providing heartfelt
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For this first discussion I would like you to provide some information about the organization you've selected for your stakeholder analysis. Specifically, provide the mission and vision of the organization, who the organization serves, and what type of activities the organization participates in to improve the U.S. health care sector. You can also add any other information that will help others understand your organization and what they stand for.
According to the question, we will discuss information related to this healthcare organization called AAHAM, The AAHAM (American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management) is very renowned healthcare organization and comes in the top level organizations of America. It was founded on 1968 as a patient account management. But slowly over the years it has now evolved as a national membership association. This association generally consists of prime healthcare

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