Stairway to Heaven Essay

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How do I get to the Stairway to Heaven?

In 1971, Led Zeppelin released a chart topping, revolutionary song that is currently still played by many people across the globe. The song “Stairway to Heaven” off of their fourth album( Led Zeppelin IV) was almost an instant hit amongst all people of the United States, and various other countries. The song was composed by band members Jimmy Page (guitarist) and Robert Plant ( vocalist). The song is lengthy one, with a duration of roughly eight minutes and withholds many complex segments. Stairway to heaven begins as somewhat of an older folk type melody, then delves into a deeper, more abrupt, electric type of composition whilst the whole time altering tempo. It was and still
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A handful of listeners were from the United States and preaching for a message of peace amongst life, and were involved in the Counterculture movement of the nation. Many listeners also were from other countries from throughout the world such as England throughout many parts of Europe (StairwayAnalysis 1). Older listeners did not quite see eye to eye with the song due to its creativity and tempo variations. These audiences were raised and influenced by more of the

folk music genre and were somewhat biased to the song. These were exactly the opposite motives of the new generation of listeners. They sought open minds and hearts among people and felt that bias was merely a shutter to many of the different yet beautiful things in the universe. The emotions of the song from the newer listeners had mixed emotions about the song. The listeners who enjoyed the song felt that it was taking the genre of rock music and the culture of its listeners to a newer stage. The song had implied meanings of beliefs of religion and non-religion depending on how one interpreted it. The excluded audience felt that the song was trying to alter values of religious beliefs to the younger age groups of the world. As a part of the culture shifted to a less narrow minded and more accepting and less biased one, one could clearly see how older listeners would say the song was an outlet to express individuality giving its listeners a notion that maybe the religion they were raised upon was

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