Public Policy Process Analysis

The policy process model posits a logical sequence of activities affecting the development of public policies. The public process model takes in a lot of important aspects of policy making that goes hand in hand with political reality. Those aspects are stages or components because it helps with decisions in the different ways of life of a group of people and formal settings. Policy cycle is used to described policy process model because the process is in a continuous cycle, whether than a one-time set of course. There is really no policy decision or solution that is final because things are being change and improved from new information being brought to attention, for revision for established policies.

According to Public Policy: Politics,
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This stage is when a policy is accepted and is now being voted on by both parties of Congress and the president. Policy legitimation can be simple and complex. When all have supported and approve a policy proposal it can be simple but complex when legitimation needs more than a majority vote or a legal approval by a higher authority. A policy could force many hurdles if it doesn 't have a legitimation. An example of that is the nuclear waste Policy Act of 1982 that was a fail policy because it was misjudged.
Once a policy is created, adopted and have government involvement that 's when policy implementation stage come into play. Policy implementation is important to the policy process because government gets to take action towards implementing a program into effect. The government makes sure the program is achieving its goals. When Congress made the clean Air Act Amendment of 1990 and increase the highway speed limit, the industry and drivers didn 't comply at first. When consequences started being implemented to violators who broke the law you saw changes
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Whether government should interfere with what people choice to do ad be involved with because laws and policies are restricting human behavior. An example Stone gives is the burning of the flag. Do we have liberty in burning a flag? Freedom is seen by many as the right to do what you want as long as you are nor harming communities and others. This is why freedom is ambiguous and complex. As far as, for policymakers when dealing with policies whey look for firm criteria to guide them and justify their decisions. Liberty questions when government can intervene with individual’s choices and

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