Essay on Stages of Development

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Stages of Development from Early Childhood

Through Middle Childhood

We can break child development into five separate stages. The stages consist of infancy (birth-2), early childhood (2-6), middle childhood (6-10), early adolescence (10-14), and late adolescence (14-18). For each stage there are different types of developmental achievements that will be reached. This paper will serve as a comparison for the early and middle childhood developmental periods. There will be a detailed comparison of the two age groups for each of the following developmental characteristics:

• Physical development

• Emotional development

• Cognitive development

• Intellectual
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This is the stage when a child will begin to participate in organized sports. They will also begin to lose their baby teeth and see new permanent teeth emerge in their place. Self organized play is displayed at this time. It is important to encourage both self organized play and participation in organized activities and sports. This will help with both physical and social development.

Emotional Development (Early Childhood)

Children in this age group still hold a desire to be close to their parents or caregivers; especially when sad or scared. They have an increasing awareness of self conscious emotions like guilt, shame, and pride. They are now able to understand and display a wide range of emotions. The way that a child expresses their emotions during this stage can vary greatly. Some are able to remain controlled and composed; while others may throw tantrums and be very expressive of their feelings. They are also more aware of their talents and as such tend to be more confident in completing academic and physical tasks.

Emotional Development (Middle Childhood)

Early childhood is when children begin to form more bonds outside of family. This includes peers, teachers, and other adults as well. Children will typically still have high self confidence at this stage. Children gain increasing control over their emotions. It is important to point out that control over their emotions can greatly be affected by how their

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