Staffing the Boston Public Schools Essay

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Staffing the Boston Public Schools

Factors Shaping the Boston Public School’s Staffing Practices There were several factors that contributed to the staffing practices of the Boston Public School system. The first of these factors was the seniority based transfer rules that allowed veteran teachers who wanted to transfer between schools first bid on posted vacancies. This practice was later amended in the mid- 1980s so that three permanent teachers were able to apply to any open position. The principle was then able to select from the three senior applicants thereby allowing the principal to have more control in staffing. Senior teachers were also allowed to place a “blind bid” on a school even if there was no immediate
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This gave BPS the benefit of being able to compete for highly sought after candidates with other suburban school districts which in the past BPS had lost because these candidates were unwilling to wait until July or August for an interview with the BPS. The BPS at the time of the article also had a system of internal transfers which allowed permanent PBS teachers to bid on new openings before they were made available externally. There was a provision in place that allowed the BPS to forego this pre-external posting process but it required 60% of the faculty to approve the exception through a vote. Another staffing practice at BPS was the use of “excess pools” which were left over teachers whose positions were eliminated. In the past the excess pool system was abused by both principals who forced unwanted teachers into the pool by eliminating their positions and by the teachers themselves who voluntarily entered the pools to avoid negative evaluations from principals. The 2000 contract presented improvement over previous years by eliminating these loopholes by prohibiting principals from using the excess pools as a means of eliminating unwanted teachers as an easy alternative to completing the lengthy evaluations required for dismissal. The 2000 contract also forbid teachers from voluntarily placing themselves in the pool. The last

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