Staffing Case Study: The Stars Hollow Hat Company

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To summarize the case study, the Stars Hollow Hat Company promoted a customer service representative (CSR) to a supervisor role. Her first assignment was to expand her team and prepare for the increasing demands within the CSR department. During her recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes, there were a number of ineffective practices regarding appropriateness, assessment, adverse impact, and failing to abide by federal laws. While reflecting on the processes and procedures used by the new supervisor, this essay will suggest recommendations to improve the design and implementation of the staffing processes.
The initial phase of staffing an organization is the recruiting phase. The goal is to obtain applicants that possess the skills
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An organization should treat the job applicant as customers (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2014). One could treat the recruitment processes as pre-sales of a product or service. When a company is preparing the sales materials, the details about the product and service are provided to the potential customers. The same should be the case for a job posting. The job description is the first interaction and process for qualifying candidates for the position (Vessenes, 2001). Thus, the job description is the sales material for the …show more content…
Such actions for staffing result in disappointment within the organization by the employee. The employee will wonder why he or she was hired for this position when they were not a good fit. On the other side the organization will be disappointed the new employee is not fulfilling the job requirements. A bad hire that makes $30,000 a year and works for ten years costs the organization $480,000 (Canadian Manager, 1998). Rather than causing disappointment, lost revenue and sour relationships, perform the diligence and hire the right people for the right job. If the individual staffing the position is unconfident in the hiring best practices, then a human resource consultant or in house department can

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