Essay about Stability Is A Foundation For Collective Hope

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Stability is a foundation for collective hope. Collective hope is a foundation for civil society. Civil society is the framework for human rights, justice, economic well-being, and general advancement. For those who value the benefits of civil society, stability is the clear preference over insecurity, violence, turmoil, or lawlessness. Stability, in itself, however, is a function of scale, perspective, and varied degrees. The scope and degree of satisfactory stability can only be deemed acceptable by those subject to it. That is, satisfactory stability in one geographic area may be insufficient in another.
How stability is achieved and maintained is a question with many variables. However, common elements for stability include security, essential services, access to basic needs, rule of law, and some type of societal organization of institutions and processes accepted by the populace. Conversely, the causes of instability include war, criminality, man-made or natural disaster, political strife, resource scarcity, etc. Securing the condition of stability from instability can involve internal and external actors, government and non-government elements, and private entities. Each situation is unique unto itself and require a mix of assistance.
Where U.S. interests are at stake, it makes perfect sense to use many of the U.S Military’s unique capabilities to pursue the condition of stability in foreign locations. Disappointingly, however, Department of Defense’s…

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