St. Xavier Catholic School Essay

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For the last eight years, I have lived in Kansas and attended Saint Xavier Catholic School in Junction City. I am a member of the Saint Xavier Parish in Junction City, which falls under the diocese of Salina. Saint Xavier Parish activities include choir, altar serving and the Life Teen group. Every Sunday at 6 o’clock in the evening I would participate in the Life Teen Catholic youth ministry meeting. The group consist of 16-20 teenagers of middle or high school age receiving Catholic education. The religious education staff directors are Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Kutzner. Other parishioners involved in the religious group are the Saint Xavier religion teacher and community group leaders. The group leaders are usually young adults in college between 19 to 22 years old. While I was in the group, the Keating sisters Sandy, Betsy and Kim were among the group leaders.
During these meetings, the group leaders would talk about not only the Bible, but also sex education, social problems, health issues and economy topics. Among the topics, I remember the discussion on life matters and getting along with others in your community. Life matters meant for you to care about your own life with all the difficulties, to experience all that life has to offer in your community understanding no one’s life is more important than others’ life. We would participate in Christian concerts in Wichita and Salina and out of state youth conferences. In 2014, I attended the 3-day National Conference Youth…

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