St. Peter Essay

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Biography of Saint Peter

After Jesus, Saint Peter is the most known and quoted Apostle in the New Testament. He is mentioned 154 times with the nickname "Petros," "stone", "rock", which is the Greek translation of the Aramaic name Jesus gave him directly, "Kefa". The name Simon is the Greek form adapted to his original Hebrew name, Simeon.

The call of Jesus

It took place on a day like any other day, while Peter was doing his work as a fisherman, Jesus Christ is in the Sea of Galilee and the crowd is around him to listen. Jesus saw two boats moored to the shore and the fishermen came out of them and were washing their nets. Jesus asked to board a boat Simon’s
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Herod Agrippa I began a new persecution of the church in Jerusalem after the execution of James, the son of Zebedee, this ruler had Peter put in prison, with the intention of doing so also run when he has spent the Passover, but Peter However, he was released.

Peter preached in the villages around Jerusalem, but also carried the word to more and more distant cities. He was bishop of Antioch, and after, it became bishop of Rome.

At Antioch, with Paul there, mingled freely with the non-Jewish Christian community, frequenting their homes and sharing meals. But when the Jewish Christians arrived in Jerusalem, Peter, lest it be scandalized by these rigid observers of the Jewish ceremonial law and its influence with the Jewish Christians hazard, avoid hereinafter eating with the uncircumcised.

His conduct greatly impressed the other Jewish Christians at Antioch, so that even Barnabas, the companion of St. Paul, avoided eating with the Christianized pagans. As this action totally opposed to the principles and practices of Paul and could lead to confusion among the converted pagans, this Apostle Peter rebuked publicly, because his conduct seemed to indicate a desire to push the pagan converts to become Jews and accept the circumcision and Jewish law. But Paul, who rightly saw the inconsistency in the conduct of Peter and the Jewish Christians did not hesitate to defend the immunity of converted pagans to Jewish law

Death of St. Peter

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