St. Paul Who Was Influenced By The World Of The Universe Essay

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The class offered a myriad of details with an impressive timeline which, dated back to the times before Christ. I began this class with my own ideas regarding what I might learn about, but my expectations were surpassed. There was much information about historical philosophers, scientific and psychological theories, and well-known psychologists, and I was positively influenced by the material we studied. Studying the past notions of others definitely unlocked my mind, generated further questions, and inspired me to want to explore other areas of newly found interests. The class covered a theme of concepts that would be relevant throughout the history of psychology including, empiricism, materialists, and determinism. It was debated whether or not psychology should be considered a science and on what grounds, which is still a debated topic. Greek philosophers were introduced, like Pythagoras, who believed that math could explain the things of the universe. On the other end of the spectrum there was St. Paul who was influenced by Plato yet, was known for believing that faith trumped reason. Throughout the following years and beyond the Dark Ages, people expanded upon the earlier philosophers and more psychological theorists evolved, who started exploring emotions and behavior. During the 16th century there was notable work done regarding the concept of mental illness and how to treat those who suffered from it, with Philippe Pinel making a landmark change in…

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