St Mary Case Study

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Organizing is one of the management functions. It refers to the process of arranging people and other resources to align together to achieve desired goals. It is linked to the creation of structures by division of work, arranging resources and coordinating activities (Schermerhorn, 1991). As a large scale healthcare organization, St. Mary’s organizational structure is functional hierarchical structure. The attributes linked to the structure include clear chain of command and span of control. The structure enables the organization to maintain control across the functional departments to achieve the desired objectives related to healthcare. For example, the leadership team include chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial …show more content…
Global forces that are important to any organization, including St. Mary’s Medical Center involves productivity imperative, the market state and shortage of skilled labor. Productivity imperative is an opportunity for the organization as developed economies are required to generate extensive gains in productivity for economic growth. For this, the focus should be on the innovations to accelerate economic productivity (Bisson, Stephenson & Viguerie, 2010).
St. Mary’s can focus on improving quality of care by fostering innovation to improve economic productivity. In addition, the factors like social stability and demand of safety nets have put pressure on the governments. In other worlds, globalization is a threat and an opportunity as well (Bisson et al., 2010). By improving the quality of care, the organization can achieve competitive edge in the globalized world. Another global force as a threat to St. Mary’s Medical Center is the shortage of skilled labor. According to a report, labor shortages in the healthcare industry may become a key issue in next 15 years. It is also estimated that there will be a shortage of 12.9 million health-care workers by 2035 (WHO,
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For this, the organization should use its strength of having financial resources to develop an effective reporting system for echocardiogram reports. Moreover, the organization should provide training to human resource regarding electrophysiology as it is a weakness of the organization that it does not have electrophysiology experts. The organization should use its resources to train individuals and to overcome the threat of shortage of skilled labor. Last but not the least, the organization should use its resources to develop electrophysiological laboratory. It is due to the fact that one of the reasons of failure of infant cardiac surgery is that the organization was not able to perform necessary test due to unavailability of electrophysiological laboratory. Hence, there is a need that company use its resources to develop an electrophysiological

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