Essay on St Mary Bethlehem And Its Effects On The United States

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Asylums It is thought that asylums were established by the Muslim Arabs as early as in the 8th century, but they were mostly perceived after the sixteenth century. It is believed that Bethlehem Hospital, also known as St Mary Bethlehem was founded before 1547, but wasn’t until then that it began to house the insane. King Henry VIII presented policy, which ordered monasteries to end taking further care of the insane and assigned those individuals to the Bethlehem Hospital in the city London. The intentions behind asylums were to aid the mentally ill in overcoming their illnesses, therefore, soon after the establishment of Bethlehem Hospital, other countries began to follow this movement in mental health facilities. It is said that the first asylum in the Americas was San Hipolito, which was built in Mexico 1566. (Viney & King, 1998) It is said that these institutions became a place where the mentally ill were abandoned and condemned by the law to the inhumane treatment these places provided. Eventually, this asylum became known as “Bedlam” because of its cruel and horrific treatment. It is stated that asylums were extremely similar to jails. Patients were shackled in iron cuffs and collars to the wall in dark, cramped cell-like rooms. They were only given enough movement for them to feed themselves, forcing them to sleep upright because they were not given enough leash from their chains. Many slept on cold floors and forced to sit in rooms with their own feces for days.…

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