St. Augustine Of Hippo Essay

1780 Words Oct 17th, 2016 8 Pages
The history of St. Augustine of Hippo is often limited to his profoundly popular work, the Confessions. This is precisely why James J. O’Donnell wrote his biography on the life of Saint Augustine. The thesis of this work is to delve beyond the legend, and expounds upon the daily life and public actions of Augustine. James J. O’Donnell surely has the credentials to write on this topic, given that he based this book on the corse that he taught at Yale University, which is also the university from which he received his P.H. D. His biography, which he subtitles A New Biography, hopes to delve deeper than any ever has before, expounding upon the man Augustine painted himself to be versus the actual life Augustine lived. He does this through an extensive history of Augustine as well as selected excepts from his work. James O’Donnell does a quite beautiful job with the outline and flow of this work. Also, his efforts to expound about the life of Augustine is seen even as far as the 379 page count. He begins the work with explaining the geographical location of Augustine throughout his life. This allows the reader a firm foundation and understanding of Augustine, from his upbringing to his death. The book then goes on to discuss Augustine not only from a religious stand point, but also from the standpoint of a political “self-promotor.” He also makes such great contrasts between Augustine in Public and Augustine in His Books. The overall flow of the book is apparent, even at early…

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