St. Augustine And Aquinas Essay

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During the middle ages, many people wrestled with questions about morality and virtue. Different theologies emerged as philosophers and theologians attempted to peace together questions about human nature and mankind’s ability to reason. Two great notable people emerged in that era, St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. Both these men developed theories that shared their ideas on mankind’s ability to be virtuous and establish moral law. The following exams Augustine and Aquinas’s insights on ethics, human nature, and the ability to do and know the “good,” in order to live a fulfilling life. Both Augustine and Aquinas believed in the ultimate reality of God and that Mankind’s fundamental design is to seek and receive revelation of God in order to reach the highest fulfilled level of life. They both, however, delineated different views on how to accomplish this. Augustine focused more on the inner transformation and transcendence of one’s mind, which, would lead on to strive towards virtues such as are faith, hope, and love, out of devotion to God “These virtues must flow from a desire to love and honor God to truly be "virtuous," otherwise Augustine considers them ultimately ‘self-seeking’” (“PHI Lecture 3, 2016: p1). Aquinas, on the other hand, provided a view based on natural theory and the ability of humans to reason and discover God through nature find ultimate happiness “Virtues are excellences of natural capaci- ties; so to be virtuous is simply to live in accord with…

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