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Uli Becker, adidas head of Global
Communications, was not so sure. “Prove it to me,” he said. He gave the Global
Media Group one year to test various mobile marketing concepts in order to demonstrate how handheld devices could provide a positive brand experience without annoying potential customers by intruding into their personal lives.
A few months later, adidas entered into a promising agreement to market a new line of footwear and clothing by Missy Elliott, hip-hop’s leading female artist.

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The Global Media Group proposed a mobile component that would appeal to
“hundreds of thousands” of young Americans and provide a long-term connection between the adidas brand and Missy Elliott fans.

Adidas was founded in Germany in 1920, by Adolf Dassler. Following the Second
World War, it became an important supplier of footwear to German soccer teams.
Later, the company expanded its footwear line to include “fringe sports,” such as high jumping, weight lifting and bobsledding, all of which featured prominently in the Olympics. In 1974, the brand achieved international prominence when the adidas-sponsored German national team won the World Cup soccer championship.
In the 1990s, the company increasingly outsourced production to third-party suppliers in order to focus more on marketing. Adidas became a public company in
1995, as global sales of its performance

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