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S [ oftware Requirements Specification ]

The VRRS (Vehicle Registration & Renewal System) centralized database allows information to be shared statewide, aiding the fight against registering stolen vehicles. The system also will provide consistent name information, making sure registrations and titles match owners names on their driver licenses. 1.1 Purpose
We plan, design, implement and manage the automation of the vehicles registration system. We primarily provide and manage the required resources so that the automation plan will become successfully done.
1.2 Scope
Make the system more reliable and unambiguous. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the registration process. Enhance the
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--Solution statement

Operational feasibility
Economic feasibility Technical feasibility
Alignment to current strategy
Financial Benefits Strategic BenefitsB usiness benefits

Through the implementation of the VRRS, the progress of the government will move in the positive direction. By the development of the IT infrastructure the people take an interest in the IT field. The new employment opportunity, especially for IT professionals came, to work for their country, ultimately the county can grow.

--Organizational benefits

To implement Oracle, H/W from Sun Solaris is required.. Providing immediate and measurable return on information technology investments, Sunsolris products and services prove quality, lower costs and increase the speed at which systems can be developed, implemented and supported. Sunsolris is the world leader in client/server development technology.

Trained professional Staff
LAN/WAN facility Computerized setup Department building
Resource requirements & fixtures etc.

Estimated Project Schedule• Team Size• Situational Analysis• Political risk• Weaker Participation of Project Team• Technical risk• Recruiting risk• Team member un-knowledgeable of the importance of the success of VRRS• Regulatory Risk.
Risks Breakdown Structure Project Technical External Organizational Project Management Requirements Subcontractor & Project Estimation Suppliers

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