Essay about Sri Lanka 's Development Of Public Health Care

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Unlike many other countries in South Asia, Sri Lanka is one of the original minimally industrialized countries to establish universal health care, along with free education, increased social mobility, and robust equality among genders. Compared to countries with similar stages of economic improvement, Sri Lanka has been able to obtain exceedingly high standards since gaining its independence. By implementing policies which are welfare-oriented, these standards of health care expansion and community enrichment have remained prevalent. Consequently, the country has completed momentous enhancements in social welfare, in both the development of municipal health care and education organizations. Due to these noteworthy advancements, a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.74 and a life expectancy of 72.5 years, along with a rate of literacy which exceeds 90% have become a celebrated achievements. Surely, the continuous efforts which have been made by the government in
Sri Lanka have been fruitful as this underdeveloped country continues to prosper with regard to the structure of their current health care system.
Notably, the system of health care in Sri Lanka is enhanced by a combination of Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani and numerous supplementary organizations of treatment which occur simultaneously. Of the mentioned schemes, allopathic medicine, a practice of unconventional suppression or treatment of symptoms by means of pharmacologically active agents or physical…

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