Srebrenca Essay

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Throughout the course of time, there were many genocides that devastated the population of a specific country. The city of Srebrenica was a long and unique history. In Srebrenica, Bosnia, thousands of people were killed in a war. The genocide and ethnic cleansing of Srebrenica was considered to be the worst genocide since World War II. The war began in 1992 and lasted for four years, until 1996. Muslims were forced to migrate out of Srebrenica, and those that failed to do so were executed. The failed protection of Srebrenica by safeguards resulted in this catastrophe.This war was the result in one of the worst genocides in human history and will never be forgotten in history and by the people of Srebrenica. In the span of four years, millions …show more content…
The Security Council declared Srebrenica to be a safe area, but it was considered a more besieged area than safe. When the United Nations intervened, the Serbs halted both, their attacks and advance on the town. The population of Srebrenica began to incline due to the ethnic cleansing of surrounding areas. In July 1995, the Serbs began an offensive on the town and five days later marked the “fall of Srebrenica”. On July 11th, 1995, Dutch troops surrendered and gave Srebrenica to the Serbs. The Serbs told the troops that if they surrendered they would be treated well, so that is what they did. This surrender resulted in the worst genocide since World War II. Thousands of families were destroyed as men of all ages were taken out of their homes. Men were crammed into sports halls with inhumane living conditions for extended periods of time. In due course, all of the men living in the sport halls were taken onto a field where they were all lined up and shot. This became a norm in Srebrenica. Thousands of Muslims were expelled from Srebrenica, many of which who were either killed or died themselves whilst leaving. During the war,

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