Squires Security Systems Case Study Essay

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Squires Security Systems Case Study
I. Relevant Facts

• Beth is the manager over the district that Janeen is selling in.
• Janeen is a six month employee who just recently finished training.
• Janeen’s training included a corporate selling manual and training, and a short period of shadowing Beth’s sales calls.
• The company that they work for is a Security Firm.
• Janeen is under review by her manager, Beth.
• Beth gives faulty information to potential customers about competing firm’s security systems.
• Once Janeen found out about the faulty information on her own, she modified her sales pitch.
II. Ethical Issues

This case brings up many ethical issues that need to be addressed.
i. Beth values success, while Janeen values honesty. Therefore, she is torn about what to do. ii. In this situation the question is brought up, who should Janeen be loyal too? The customers or Beth. iii. Who is right? Who should Janeen believe? Beth obviously has a company bias, but should Janeen believe Beth is right. iv. Who should Janeen believe? As stated previously, Beth has a company bias. But in a retail business the customer always comes first, and they are always right.
v. The value of security is brought into question. In this situation Janeen needs to decide who is the primary concern, the customer or the sales representatives? vi. Should Janeen be biased any due to the fact that Beth is her supervisor? Should the fact that Beth has the power in this relationship…

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