Beauty Brands: Article Analysis

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BEAUTY ARTICLES The two articles I have chosen to discuss are; how to subtly contour and highlight your face in two easy steps by Chloe Metzger and why squalane oil is the ultimate multi-tasker for your hair and skin by Nikki Brown. I choose these articles because they discuss how people should use their favorite oil to get the best out of their skin and the other one informs them how to ensure contouring brings the best out of them. Many individuals when using beauty products use them with pre-determined results because they seek to appear like their idols or they want to improve how they look. An intensive analysis of these articles will provide an in-site into the best way to use some beauty products. The first article, How to contour …show more content…
The article discusses the best skin moisturizers for ladies, and the benefits users can get by using them. The report, for instance, talks about the contents of squalane oil, one of the widely used skin moisturizers by ladies. Squalane oil is one of the critical barriers of lipid occurrence on the skin, and it provides a protective stressor against the environmental hazards each is born with. Beauty brands are made using squalane and its products since it is a useful skin moisturizer and it reflects the chemistry inside the skin. According to the writer of the article, the number of environment stressors the skin of an individual produces and retains keeps changing as they grow. For instance, in their teen years, individuals maintain high amounts of the stressors, but as they get into their twenties, they start declining hence leaving the skin rough, dry and vulnerable. This is the reason why Nikki Brown advises ladies who are in their twenties to use squalane oil for their skin and air. Apart from the benefits they can get as individuals, the oil is also safe for the environment since it is pure and efficient hence sustainable. The product itself is an all-in-one product therefore good for the body. This beauty article was done on 1st December

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