Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter And Spring Essay

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Introduction The film Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, uniquely presents the life of Buddhist monk as he passes through different stages in his life from childhood to adulthood. It is a contemplative film, selectively organized to clearly illustrate how human life is always busy and in many instances we do not live long enough to realize this. Though the film is a viewed as Buddhists movie, it is not but rather a religious film presenting the events in human life that help shape human life. From the film it may be argued that, some events beyond human control bring about turmoil and distress but most importantly, they form the key aspects in reminding us our roots. For instance, the monk makes choices that ultimately affects his life but eventually finds his ways to normality by use of experience gained from his masters (Leidy2008). As argued by Johnston (2007), the different seasons symbolizes the change and renewal experience in religious growth. Having put much emphasis on the significance and ability of the film to highlight the plight facing humankind, the film ‘spring, summer, fall, winter and spring’ by Kim Ki – Duk appeared most relevant. The ethical values and religious beliefs of the Buddha religion of the eastern side made it learning experience and more exciting to tackle this tradition. The paper seeks to delve into the various aspects of this film from themes to characters et al and bring out the details. The film ‘Spring, summer, Fall, Winter and…

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