Spring Break Essay

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Dylan Farmer
English 101

Spring break is mainly a time of partying for most teenagers that go to my high school, but I was off to California with my girlfriend’s family to pretty much explore a whole other side of the U.S. California is the place that every person and the world wants to go for their spring break. I was very happy that my girlfriend’s mom is a travel agent, so we got a pretty good deal for the prices of our flight and on the hotel prices. Just for extra fun we drove to Chicago and stayed there for two nights. We explored downtown Chicago, all the amazing buildings. We even got to go into the old Sears Tower, which was something that I think everyone needs to see. It's probably one of the best sights
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One of the obvious reasons of why I went to California was that I got to see all the amazing sites that all normal tourists go and see. We all walked around the Sanna Monica Pier, Manhattan Pier, and also to the great Venice beach. It was very pretty place to see all the people walking around and all the little gift shops on the beach. However, out of the three piers I went to, the Manhattan Pier was one of my favorites, because I got to see my first dolphin, which was pretty awesome, and I never thought I’d actually have the chance to see one with the little time that I was there. Later in that week our last trip was to Hollywood Boulevard, which was a crazy place to meet some weird people. There was a lot of people singing, dancing, selling stuff, or any other random ways to make a dollar. Hollywood Boulevard was still a very interesting place, seeing all the stars on the ground with some hand print in it or their writing. One pretty interesting thing that I noticed is that Muhammad Ali’s star was the only one that was hanging up, because all the other stars where just on the ground, but I guess he was the fighter of America. When it was about time to leave California, I was feeling something different than usual, like I didn't want to go back home just right yet. I just wanted to stay there and enjoy the sun. I knew that my spring break had to end at some point, though It was just amazing how different the

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