Sportswear and Nike Marketing Approach Essay

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Nike has used the technology for online shopping, better customer service, effective communication etc and controlling the whole business system. BCG matrix: In 1970’s the Boston consultant group developed a model for different business unit, which is called BCG matrix. The BCG matrixes suggest a way of testing and making sense of a company’s portfolio of product and market interest. The idea of BCG matrix based on the product life cycle theory that can be used to decide business priorities. The BCG matrix makes it easy to analyse the product range and helping to take decisions about products internal strategic analysis. The main idea behind the BCG matrix is that it is better for the company to get the bigger market share a product or the quicker market growth.(stern and Deimler,2006)

Figure: BCG matrix
There are four categories in a portfolio of a company in the Boston consultant group matrix.
Question mark: Question mark is the first stage of BCG matrix, which is known as problem child. It is primary stage for the business where company have to analyse the market strategy and market position.
Star level: It is the second steps of BCG matrix. In the star level, business has highly growing market and rapidly growing sales. In this level business often use high amount of money for advertising and develop their product to get the high market share. In star level, there are frequent cash flow in the business.
Cash cows: It is the dream for every business to

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