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Jordan Murry


Sociology of Sport 233- Final Paper

Undefeated Sociological Analysis

It is my honor to be doing my first submission of a topic based on the sociological aspects of the sports world in this month’s addition of Sports Illustrated. First off, let me start by saying “Undefeated” was an excellent film choice to look at from a sociological perspective. Not only does this film posses multiple theories and sociological concepts, but it also has real-life stories built into the film. The viewer almost feels a personal relationship with these characters by how detailed and up close the documentary is. The first theory that the film shows is the conflict theory. The Manassas High School football team is in
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He had a goal attainment of making it into college and did everything including psychical therapy and going to school every day to make that happen. Eventually Brown receives a free full ride scholarship to Southern Miss by an anonymous donor that had heard of his story and lack of money to attend college.

The film next focuses on O.C. Brown (no relation to Montrail), who is a 6’3 300 pound lineman. OC is an extremely gifted athlete with size and agility that became a YouTube sensation from his bone crushing blocks, which were coveted by top Division 1 college football programs including Tennessee, Auburn, and Louisville. The only problem with OC is that he was not gifted academically, so goes the story. He scores an initial 12 on the ACT score, which isn’t good enough to receive a scholarship from a Division 1 school. Eventually OC is given a tutor that is paid for by Coach Courtney. OC also stayed with an assistant coach that lives in a much wealthier part of Memphis to receive the tutoring. Race theory is present in OC’s story because it involves a white family that brings in a poor, unintelligent black athlete into their home from the ghetto, who just so happens to be bound for a lucrative NFL career. With a low cumulative GPA, OC has to do well on his next ACT exam to receive a college scholarship. Due to his adaptation to the environment he was in with the assistant coach and tutoring, OC scored a 16 on his ACT. That would ultimately

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