Sports Vs. Playing Sports Essay

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High School is where you start the beginning of your journey. The beginning of new friends, fights, parties, dating, maturity, and most importantly sports. Sports’ being the most important because it helps keep you physical fit and healthy, helps with personal development helps, establish leadership skills, and collegiate preparation.

To begin with, sports are the most important in high school. They help you establish many life skills but with playing sports there are the pros and cons of play sports in high school. The start of high school is around the time when your bodies start to go through puberty. Bodies’ changing and each individual is developing and adjusting to the sudden change. So because of the change Individuals decide to join sports to help with adjusting to their changing of their new body and physical abilities. A pro of playing sports is it helps not to adjust to being lazy and continuously keeps you on your feet and active. Another pro is with play sports it helps you to develop healthy bones, efficient heart and lung function as well as improved motor skills and cognitive function. Not only does it help with bones it helps to prevent hip fractures among women who play sports and reduces the effects of osteoporosis. Another good thing about playing sports is it helps with self-worth, body image, and has been linked to improved self-esteem. Some kids like myself weren’t comfortable with our body image and would try to cover as much as possible.1 As I…

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