Sports : Sport And Sport Essay examples

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everyone loves competitive sport. in this day and age everyone wants to play a sport I think the parents should let them play a dangerous sport. Because the kid sees it on tv also the parent can 't keep them for too long because. they gone to keep asking the parent can they play . and they want to be like there fov sport player. so the parents let them play the sport to make friends, and have brotherhood or sisterhood And they get a lot exercise everyday to get better and they learn how to work with a team. And they become to love the sport. But every sport can be dangerous and if the school a part of the sport they have to pass there class to play the sport or you have to go the doctors and the doctors will check that if you are in perfect shape. Also the parents want the child to play the sport because they played it or there parents didn 't want them to play the sport And sport is a gooding.

Competitive sport have their pro and cons. On of the pro is that it teach them how to play by the rules also it help them to learn to win and lose with grace. They learn how to trust them self so they won 't get hurt in the game. And they how to shake it off and get back in the game. And the kids will start to love the sport , and when they see the sport there eyes light up and when they want to play the sport. Also the kid can become very good playing the sport. And also they can play in highschool and if there really good they can play in college and after…

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