Sports Should Be Implemented Into Every School Essay

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At the young age of sixteen, my oldest brother suffered greatly from his obesity, his academic performance in school was deficient, and his relationships with his peers were negative as well with my interactions with him. After deciding to join the soccer team in high school, his life turned around in a positive matter, he began eating healthier, his personality changed in an extremely favorable way, he no longer dealt with obesity, and his academic performance improved vastly as he accomplished his goal, to graduate from the Universal Technical Institute. His life became stable after joining the soccer team in high school. In sports, one is constantly put against adversity; similarly to life, one either decides to overcome or fall behind their difficulties. Sports should be implemented into every school because it promotes physical and emotional health, it makes students strive in school academics and it creates a path for individuals to aspire in their career paths.
Sports promote health to individuals. With the ongoing obesity epidemic in the United States, people are lacking physical activity, as we lack the minimum of 60 minutes of daily exercise. Through sports, students have the ability to exercise further more than the required amount while slimming down their body fat percentage. Sports not only prevent obesity, but they fight against other cardiac related diseases. Sports promote health in a way that teaches students to eat right; thanks to my soccer coach in…

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