Sports Shoes Case Study

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As a logistics consultation team appointed by Sports Shoes Inc , the key logistics decision that I found got many . The key logistics decision that I choose was about the carrier. The Mexican trucking system is dominated by many small local companies .The Sports Shoes Inc had chosen the outsource transportation company to help them to transport the stock but they won’t use their own transportation.
There are many reason that the Sports Shoes Inc chosen the trucking companies to help them. The first reason behind this decision is the company may concentrate on the sale of the sport shoe .The company hiring the outsource transport company to help them to deliver goods and so the company may focus on the selling .Then, the company feel that as
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The problem of insufficient staff was a serious problem need to solve of a company. So, the Sport Shoes Inc to hiring the outsource transportation company to help them to deliver the goods and this decision may help the company to solve the problem of insufficient staff .Then, the staff in the company may focus on their staff duty.
After that, the reason that why the Sports Shoes Inc will chose the outsource transport company was those transportation company was legal and got license. The transportcompany was more safety. Those transport companies must apply for permits from the government. So, if those companies got license one was more safety and they were responsibility to deliver the goods. If an accident happen when the process of deliver the goods, the transportation company must take responsibility. So, this ways the company may reduce they risk when the accident was happen when transporting
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This was a serious problem to a company and it also may cause the loss of customer. Then, if the goods cannot deliver on time and the trend is outdated the goods are not anyone to buy it. Because of people nowadays is following the fashion trend, so nobody willing to buy outdated things.
The suggestions to overcome the anticipated the problems were the Sport Shoes Inc may buy the ships and truck themselves. Although the beginning of time the company may need to pay the expense of the ships and truck but if the company purchases the ships and truck, those things will become the assets of the Sports Shoes, Inc. Then, both ships and truck can be use thousands of times. So, although it will be a higher cost when the company purchases those two thing but after the payment the company may use their own ships and truck ,by contrast will be cheaper than the company hiring the outsource transport

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