Sports Psychology : Sports, Athletic Performance, Exercise, And Physical Activity

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The first psychology career that I will be talking about is sports psychologist. Sports psychology is a branch of psychology that is mainly focused on how individuals are affected by playing sports, but as well as how to improve someone’s mindset to improve their performance (Koegin, 2001). Sports psychology is the study of how psychological influences on sports, athletic performance, exercise, and physical activity. A sports psychologist understands that individuals who are in sports must be very healthy in their bodies and minds in order to perform at their peak level (Quinn, 2016).
The sports psychologist work in a wide range of places and with diverse range of people. They can work all the way to high school athletes, college athletes, the military, professional athletes, and Olympian athletes. Some psychologists will often work as a private consultant or hold time positions with a certain sports team or national governing bodies (Howes, 2012). The sports psychologist will come to your practices; they will be on the side-lines or in their office with clients. People will hire a sports psychologist to talk to the athlete’s to counsel them with their performance’s. They talk about their performances because it will improve the athletes and increase their motivation. Some sports psychologists may find jobs in hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers, or gyms (Koegin, 2001).
A sports psychologist has many roles/duties that are more accepted today as a regular coach. They…

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