Sports Merchandise, Athletic, Clothing, And Exercise Equipment

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2014 has been a year tagged with a surge of active and healthy lifestyles. Physical fitness has been gaining popularity rapidly among varying age groups in the United States. With this good news in mind the future looks bright for Dicks Sporting Goods. Dicks has been cashing in on athletic gear for the past decade and there are no apparent problems stopping them from doing so in the future. Dick’s Sporting goods is planning to take a large piece of customer’s discretionary income in the future. In 2014 the market for Sporting Goods in the United States was projected upwards of 63 billion dollars. This figure take into account licensed sports merchandise, athletic footwear and apparel, and exercise equipment. Last year Dick’s had over 5.8 billion in sales giving it roughly 9% of the US retail sporting goods industry. Dick’s sporting goods has plenty of room to grow. They are continuing to work on brand marketing and advertisement in efforts to make Dick’s Sporting Goods a household name. But the company has been expanding every year since its beginnings in 2002. Dick’s currently has 518 locations and recently increased its projection to 1,100+ stores compared to an earlier estimate of 900.
Dicks upcoming fiscal year is largely focused on capital expenditure. As a whole they are looking to add to their fixed assets and add value to their existing fixed assets. As seen in the graph to the left, Dick’s has continued to pour money into their brick and mortar side of fixed…

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