Sports Is The Sport Of Football Essay

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In sports everyone who commits to playing for an organized team knows that there is a large risk involved by the time you are stepping onto the field, Court or Ice Rink. One of the most common sports that athletes are being injured in is the sport of football. Every one knows the dangers of the the full contact sport because it is so widely commercialized in for all ages. From High School all the way to the NFL football is a big deal but what about the injury 's that come along with playing this violent game. Concussions are one of the most common injures that occur out of the football field and it has begun to get the public talking about what is being done to save these athletes from serious head trauma. Each organization, weather it is pop Warner to the National Football League is doing everything they can to prevent head injury 's in the sport of football.

How many athletes are concussions actually affecting through out the season?

It is no secret that every time an athlete is strapping up his helmet and walking on to the football field, he is putting his body in risk of serious injury but how often are these injury 's; particularly head injury 's, occurring on the football field. According to The American Journal of Sports Medicine it is said that four out of every 1,000 High School Football exposures resulted in an injury. This study was taking during the 2005-06 season. This means that every 1,000 plays four athletes were getting injured. In the same study…

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