Sports Is An Essential Element Of Education Essay examples

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“Sports is an essential element of education.”-George A. Sheehan Sports have pushed people to do incredible things, whether it was an athletic achievement or an educational one. Education and sports go back a long ways and I believe they have went hand in hand for so long because sports help with academics and vice versa.Sports push people to get better grades to stay eligible, they behave better, and it helps people come together. Sports and Education teach people man things and most of those things go hand in hand, sports teaches life skills and people use those skills in their life, it teaches you to manage time, and helps bring people together and create a better environment in schools.
Sports push people in the classroom because every grade level from middle-school on up requires you to stay eligible in order to play. Even in college, players are required to maintain a certain grade in order to play. The consequences from being ineligible can range from extra physical work to being kicked off or suspended from the team. This especially true in college, where academic courses for student-athletes have come under fire for not being adequate. There have been “dummy courses” and classes where the student has one paper due the whole year being discovered at major universities. At the high-school level though, athletes have to go to the same classes as everyone else so you have to put in the work to remain eligible. You want to be able to play in the game and practice with…

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