Sports Is A Big Part Of Schools Essay

836 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
Sports are a big part of schools in the United States for many reasons. Yet many believe that they should be removed from schools, but why? These extracurricular activities work harmoniously with the education of students. For example, the incorporation of these activities helps students form fundamental bonds and boost their self-image. They also give students who lack motivation in school a reason to pursue their education. Sports can help students pursue higher level education through GPA eligibility requirements. While this increase in accountability can lead some athletes to lash out, such as being arrested for domestic violence, not all athletes are the same. For many students, sports are a productive alternative to release any stress or aggression. These examples are key to why sports and education are a great combination to empower students.
Sports help to empower students by aiding them in building confidence. For example, in lower grades everyone is given the opportunity to partake and are awarded for their participation. This building of self confidence in young students is key, because these skills can be used for the rest of their lives. As students progress it gradually becomes more competitive, which helps to build a healthy sense of competition. Most sports are team based which help kids develop strong teamwork skills; these skills can be used to create bonds between teammates and other peers as well as travel with the students throughout their lives,…

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