Essay about Sports Innovation And Digitize Athletic Training Equipment

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InfoMotion Sports Technologies, the worlds’ pioneering leader in sports innovation and digitize athletic training equipment, announces its 94Fifty Bluetooth Smart basketball. Named after the dimensions of a college basketball court, contains a nine-sensor gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass device that is miniaturized and totally concealed within the ball. It is the first smart basketball and was released March 2013. This computerized basketball looks and feels like a regular basketball. It is made of synthetic leather, waterproof, and meets the regulation size and weight required but is loaded with technology. The designers ensure that the weight, balance, bounce, and durability are identical to a traditional basketball. This first generation basketball plays like any other high quality ball, yet is the only one in the marketplace that wirelessly provides a coach or a player the capability of an instantaneous view of any player performance level.
The name 94Fifty will serve as the logo. It represents the dimensions of a basketball court so there is a direct connection to the sport. The company slogan “The Ball Don’t Lie” correlates directly with basketball terminology. When basketball players have a disagreement, one player will take a shot to settle the debate. There is a belief that if you hit the shot that person was right, but if he or she misses, then they were wrong ,thereby, the ball don’t lie. Our marketing efforts will involve innovative advertising…

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