Sports Illustrated Magazine Analysis

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Who haven’t heard of Sports Illustrated? Sports Illustrated is an American sports franchise that has over 3 million subscribers and is also read by 23 million people each week. It’s the first magazine with circulation over one million to win the National Magazine Award for General Excellence twice. Most people at least seen a Sports Illustrated Magazine lying around somewhere, whether its in a waiting room at the doctor’s office or somewhere in the union on campus. Almost every building on campus has a Sports Illustrated Magazine laying around somewhere. Sports Illustrated is the most popular sports magazine today, especially among teenagers, young adults or sports fanatics. This magazine gives the viewers everything they need like information, …show more content…
The magazine provides exclusive interviews with athletes, inside the sports with the latest news and rumors, segments that honors talented amateur athletes and their accomplishments and last but not least, the “Who’s hot, Who’s Not” feature, which is a feature on who’s on doing the best and who’s doing the worst. This magazine also provides sports apparel and merchandise in between ads and articles that can ordered online and shipped to you. Despite being very successful on Sports Illustrated Magazine itself, this success led to plenty of Sports Illustrated spinoffs. In 1991, Sports Illustrated Launched Sports Illustrated Kids, which was created to entertain the younger audience. The next spinoff that were release is Sports Illustrated Almanac. Another spinoff is the online version of the magazine. Sports Illustrated on Campus is a spinoff preferably for college students. Sports Illustrated even has an exclusive issue that is publishes annually called Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. This shows that Sports Illustrated is successful in all the areas of their target audience. Sports Illustrated Magazine succeeds at the amount of sports coverage, fairness of sports coverage, variety of sports, products advertised, uses useful images & visuals and provides additional online content with entertainment value; therefore, its is recommended that it be added to Jerome Library’s collection of

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