Sports Fandom Should Be Considered A Religion Essay

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Sports fandom is something that has grown largely as time has passed. Almost everyone has a favorite sports team or at least support a local team. Because of this, it is becoming very common in our everyday lives and we are becoming surrounded by it. This is similar to how religion is. Some psychologists are starting to find sports fandom are very similar to religion. They are similar in the vocabulary that each uses, they have the same psychological effects on humans, and almost everything in religion has a counterpart in the sports world. Based off all these facts, sports fandom should be considered a religion. The first reason that sports fandom should be considered a religion is that the vocab for both is the same. “The similarities between sport fandom and organized religion are striking. Consider the vocabulary associated with both: faith, devotion, worship, ritual, dedication, sacrifice, commitment, spirit, prayer, suffering, festival, and celebration” (Barber). The words are the same, but used in different ways. For example, sacrifice is used in religion meaning to kill an animal or human to appease the god or gods. Sacrifice in sports is giving up something to get better at the sport. There is also spirit. Spirit in religion is the nonphysical being of a human. Spirit in the sports world is being outgoing and supportive of your team. The easiest place to see that in the sports world is in college and high school sports. The student sections are the prime example of…

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