Sports : Does Electronic Gaming Deserve Be Considered A Sport?

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eSports v. Sports: Does Electronic Gaming Deserve to be Considered a Sport? “What type of competitor practices for 10 hours a day, lives in a team house surrounded by other professional players, and is supported by coaches, managers, and corporate endorsements? Answer: professional video gamers.” (Li) If the first thought that popped into your mind was a sports player, you were half right. If you guessed “eSports player”, you were definitely correct. “eSports” is an invented term that means “electronic gaming”; in simpler terms, it refers to competitive gaming. Hardcore sports fans who enjoy basketball, football, and etc. would disagree on considering eSports to be a sport. To be a sport, it must have engagement, structure, and training. Ironically, eSports contains all of these factors and beyond. There is more to gaming than what meets the eye. As the first born girl in my family, I did not expect to become a full-fledged tomboy by the age of six. Thanks to my cousins’ influence, I discovered the world of games through Pokémon. The years flew by, and I became a pre-teen in middle school who was addicted to everything related to games and the internet. Thirsting to sate my competitive edge, I stumbled upon something called a “game tournament” on the League of Legends website. I ended up reading more about it and discovered that the event was being held at Jönköping, Sweden, with a whoopping prize of $99,500. At that moment, I asked myself, “Will people who play video…

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