Sports : Cyborg Athletes Vs Able Bodied Athletes Essays

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Sports: Cyborg Athletes versus Able-bodied athletes

In sports there are always rules and regulations to what an athlete can ingest or use. They create these rules and regulations so competitors don 't have a physical or psychological advantage over their competition. These restrictions usually pertain to illegal drugs and substances that would give that athlete a boost in their performance. Prosthetics and technological enhancements should be considered as a restriction, considering it is an advantage just like illegal drugs and the substances. A major argument is whether athletes with prosthetics or technological enhancements should be able to fully participate in a competitive sport with regular athletes. These enhancements can possibly give that athlete an advantage or possibly even a disadvantage while playing other athletes. There are many concerns that need to be taken into consideration while making the final decision of whether athletes should be able to compete in these sports. Even if they are not fully banned from competing with others, there should still be some time restrictions. The problem with making these decisions of whether not athletes with these enhancements can participate in sports with other healthy athletes. Is that they will feel as if they are being discriminated against because they will not be able to participate because of their prosthetics or technological enhancements. There are many organizations that were created for athletes that have…

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