Sports At A Young Age Essay

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It all started June 12, 1999 in Atlanta, Ga. A new baby, Sara Glass, came into the world not knowing the adventurous life ahead of her. The sassy toddler was drawn to sports at a young age. At three years old, she performed in the arts of ballet and gymnastics. As the years went by, her interest for cheerleading grew stronger than her previous love for gymnastics and ballet. It was as if she was bulldozer knocking down every obstacle in sight. She was in the gym day and night to improve her skills. As the training progressed, she became mentally stronger. Nothing could stop her from reaching her goal of a level five athlete, which the highest level in all-star cheerleading. Something about the fierce competition and intense workouts was intriguing. The extreme practice schedule of fifteen hours a week, at minimum, was nothing compared to the passion she felt for this sport. Her level of interest almost made it easy to forget about the long, hard hours of conditioning. Participating in this sport benefited her in several ways. Not only did she become mentally stronger and physically fit but she learned important life lessons: such as, team work, time management, and people skills.
One of the greatest aspects of team sports is doing what one loves with whom one loves. With that being said, relationships are built past the friend level. The people on the mat are family. January 2014, one of her cheerleading sisters, Kaylin Williams, passed away due to a serious car accident.…

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