Sports And Its Effect On Children Essay

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While Sports have the ability to cause injury and have a traumatic impact on children, Sports help develop and improve physical activity because it reduces the odds of health issue and obesity, it also helps improve children academically, and it helps improve mental health.
The participation in sports is extremely important and should be highly encouraged amongst children due to its positive health benefits. The health benefits that are developed into can carry on into positive health habits and practices as adults. Sports have been shown to improve several developmental skills in children. Many skills and traits that can positively affect them and carry on into adult life. Participation in sports have been proven to facilitate physical activity. “In addition to promoting movement, youth sports provide a venue for learning, practicing, and developing gross motor skills. Successful acquisition of a motor skill at a young age improves the likelihood of future participation in that activity in adulthood.” (Merkel, D.L. 2013) Improving cardio vascular fitness, growth of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons in turn have other positive effects on children in other aspects of life. “In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control reported a positive correlation between students who participated in high levels of physical activity and improved academic achievement, decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes, improved weight control, and less psychologic dysfunction. Conversely,…

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