Sports And Activities Rules Regulations Essay

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Sports and activities incorporate rules in to help control games, prevent injuries and increase safety. Sports policy determines rules of sports and activities, modified rules for children, matching opponents, use of protective equipment to promote safe participation.


Golf is a popular sport that can be played causally or competitively. Regular gold offers a range of health benefits. It improves stamina, cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. While the risk in this particular activity isn’t high, injuries can and do occur. In, 2006 Victorian hospitals looked after 83 who were admitted for gold-related injuries and 175 people visited emergency departments. During this period, those that were hospitalized was aged amount 65 and 69 years old, while the emergency department ranked highest between 5 to 9 years old

• Do not swing when around anyone. During a game or practice, you must not swing your club or strike a ball until any participants are clear of your path. When practicing techniques at supervised lesson players must be positioned three meters apart.
• This is highly effective because the momentum of a swing is great and the force that is emitted from the impact of the club to the swing is greater and can cause and immense pain if it were to come in contact with someone else. This rules is detrimental to a participant as it could mean life or death to them.
• No person should be positioned in the target line of another player or in the direction…

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