Sports Agent, It 's A Perfect Fit For Me Essay

1978 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Since I was a young kid in elementary school I have been tasked to answer the hard and almost unanswerable question of, what I want to be when I grow up. As a young kid you might answer astronaut or a NASCAR driver. Which was what everyone wanted to be growing up but me I knew I wanted to be something in sports. I have had a love for sports since I could remember, and over the years that has not changed. Now as a nineteen year old kid or young adult I have started to narrow down on the answer to that question that I’ve been asked for some many years now. I want to be a sports agent, it’s a perfect fit for me. As a sports agent you are tasked with the need to know how to get along with people on a personal level, you have to be able to gamble on your money situation, you have to have great sports knowledge and you have to live a lifestyle that fits in with player or people that are around sports. I feel like I am great with all of these thing, I honestly feel like that describes me personally. Which is why I feel I would be the best sports agent out there.
What is a Sports Agent some may ask? Well a sports agent is a guy or girl that talks to teams for a player or coach in some cases and tries to get them a contract to their team or organization. A coach would hire a sports agent to have him network his name out there for positions and other things such as how a player is doing or what he is like. So technique it is not just to get people to join teams or organizations.…

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