Sport injuries Essay example

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Imagine if every athlete never got hurt or injured while doing a sport. Well, that will never be reality. Many student athletes never think of the outcome from doing sports. The only thing that is on their mind is becoming the fastest or strongest athlete, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Sport injuries have increased rapidly since previous years, and it is currently a major part of many athletes’ lives today. Long ago, there were less people, specifically, athletes going to hospitals and going to see physical therapists for injuries. Now days, not only are teenage athletes going to hospitals and physical therapists, but children are going as well. In the article, “Young Athletes Feeling the Pain of Too Much …show more content…
A sports injury can be serious and can cause physical and emotional distress. The physical aspects of the injury can even contribute to loss of a sports career. Even though playing sports is always good for your health because you’re getting the exercise you need. But, too much exercise can also result in injuries. Sport injuries can result from something acute, or from the overuse of a particular body part. Many injuries are preventable that is, if, the athlete is willing to follow the directions given by their doctor. In the article, “Common Health Reform and Reality,” writer Goldberg points out that a doctor’s perspective is always 95 percent accurate.
A doctors perspective on any injury can be anything from take some time off to let your body heal to you’re out for the rest of the season. Athletes don’t take what a doctor says into consideration. As in the article, “Young Athletes Feeling the Pain of Too Much Play”, Kara Yorio quotes what a young athlete by the name of Rachel Egyed says after being told by a doctor to rest, “I tried to take time off as much as I could, but I can only do that to a certain extent.” This shows that young athletes now days rather continue to play injured, rather than taking some time off to rest for a full recovery. This is why, over the years sport related injuries have made a come up. Some reasons for that are because many

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