Essay on Sport Clubs And Sports Clubs

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Introduction The participation in sporting activities from the recreational league, organized interscholastic, collegiate to the professional ranks is part of many people’s everyday life. For those who are able to move about without hindrances, athletics and sports are a way to recreate, exercise and fellowship with others. Those with physical and mental disabilities, participating in sport activities may be limited due to their own infirmity or limited resources that may accommodate them (Kristen, 2003). Those with disabilities have the same drive and desire to participate in physical activity as those who can without burden (Kristen, 2003). Sport clubs and schools may have the status quo of facilities and resources which are utilized in a reactionary response to those who may join or enroll in order to full fill the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Wolohan, 2013). Therefore, by studying how schools and sport clubs offer programing for those with physical and mental disabilities may be beneficial in developing additional programs and solutions to create a culture that allows for freedom of movement with those who have disabilities.
Evidence worth Investigating Prior to 1970, children with disabilities were denied the right to attend or access a number of state public schools as it was thought that their disability may hinder the learning environment of student who may be “normal” (Wolohan, 2013). In the early 1970’s, Congress began to enact federal legislation…

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