Sponsor, Stimulate, Uphold Or Support Essay

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Promote: To endorse, encourage, help, sponsor, stimulate, uphold or support.
The act of being promoted or promoting workers in the workplace is well known to us. Sometimes it is quite clear to everyone why a certain person received a promotion, and often it is not clear. The act of promoting a capable person is to change a worker’s job by giving him more responsibilities, or to give him a job that requires more skills. Often promotion also means to be put in charge of other people. With promotion always comes more accountability. Promotion involves a raise in a person’s responsibility and often also a raise in remuneration.
To qualify for promotion a person has to apply knowledge and experience, be productive and at the same time prove to be trustworthy. A person, because of his perceived higher value in relation to his co-workers, may be selected over others and earn a promotion. Because the employer sees the value of this worker and the contribution this person will make to the goals of the employer, he promotes the worker.
Having read this chapter so far, you are probably wondering if you are reading the right book. ‘What has promotion got to do with the Holy Spirit?’ you might ask. Read on…
When God requires a person for a specific, special purpose and no suitable candidate is available, God may promote someone for that purpose. The book of Judges in chapter 3 records one such case.
After the death of Moses, God chose Joshua to lead the Israelites into the land across…

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